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  1. MAAT's Buddy Avatar
    MAAT’s Buddy

    I just finished reading this and I gotta say I’m LOVING the story, it’s the definition of “when you reach rock bottom, but you brought a pickaxe”.
    I’ve been the whole reading thinking
    “Oh this is bad, but I think it’s gonna get better now”
    “Oh this is Really bad, but now it’s gonna get happy plot twist?”
    “My god this is even WORSE! But I mean… The only way this can get worse is if one the main characters literally started DYING!”
    “Oh god…”

    Can’t wait to read the rest! 😀

  2. D00dlekid Avatar

    This is so so good. I just read through the whole thing at work no less! I can’t wait to read more, I love it!

  3. IC3PAKX Avatar

    Just found my old comment on page 77. I don’t use Twitter but wanted to say that I’m still keeping up with the new pages, and I’m as fully invested in this story as I was a year+ ago. Keep the great art!

  4. IC3PAKX Avatar

    *”keep UP the great art”… whoops

  5. Evan Avatar

    I’m enamored with this. Will there be more? This comic is so damn good, I’m happy to have stumbled upon it.

    1. NekeithFox Avatar

      Yes there will!

  6. Ghost49590 Avatar

    Lovely chapter as always! I really like the colors on this page, as well as your character designs. Your stuff rocks